How To Defend Your Teen Against a Juvenile Offense

If your child has been accused of committing a juvenile offense, you need to make sure that their rights are protected. Even though the juvenile court process and juvenile convictions are less serious than adult court and adult convictions, this issue could make life difficult for your child. They could deal with serious consequences, such as probation, fines, community service, or even spending time in a juvenile detention center. What’s more, your child will have a juvenile record, which could prevent them from getting certain jobs in the future. Being in the system is hard for everyone, so whether you believe that your child is innocent or guilty, you need to make sure to protect them at this time. Here are some ways that you can do that and defend their case.

Make Sure Their Case Goes to Juvenile Court

No court is good, but juvenile court is better than adult court. There are a few major differences that will impact your child. If your child is tried in juvenile court, they will be tried as a minor and likely receive lesser penalties. If tried in adult court, they can be tried as an adult and face serious jail time. What’s more, they can go to jails or prisons with adult offenders. If the prosecutor wants to move your child’s case to adult court, you need to fight this. Make a case for why your child should be tried in juvenile court (for example, you can use their age or the fact that they are a first time offender in their favor). Avoiding adult court is important for minimizing the penalties that your child faces.

Work with the Judge

In juvenile court, there is not a jury. Instead, a judge will determine the penalties, if any, for your child. Most judges in juvenile court focus on rehabilitation for juvenile offenders, not punishment. You can work with the judge for lesser penalties, especially if your child is a first time offender. Attest to your child’s character and this might help the situation. Provide evidence of good grades, having a job, having no previous run-ins with the law, etc. This can help reduce the penalties that your child faces.

Hire a Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Finding a juvenile defense lawyer to represent your child is probably the best way that you can protect your child. A lawyer can fight to keep your child’s case in juvenile court. They can also provide evidence in court and work with a judge to lessen the penalties that your child faces. A lawyer will also know what your child’s rights are and how to protect them. A juvenile defense lawyer can help to get the best outcome for your child.

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