Will a DUI Haunt My Child for the Rest of Their Life?

The thought of getting a DUI or a family member getting one can be very scary, and unfortunately can happen to anyone. The consequences of a DUI can linger far longer than license suspensions and court hearings. A DUI case can cost a person and a family in more ways than just money. If your child faced a DUI, you might be concerned about their future. Will they have any limitations? Will they be able to put the DUI in the past? Here are five ways that a DUI can affect a person’s life. 

Consequences You Might Not Think Of

  1. Background checks. After getting a DUI conviction, it stays on a person’s record and can be a red flag for future employers. For employers who are required to drive for work, they may even lose their jobs and not be able to work in that field. So unfortunately, a DUI could impact your child’s future ability to find a good job. 
  2. Reputation. Criminal records are public information, meaning, anyone can go online and find a DUI charge. Even without doing research, gossip can spread and can lead to social issues and a decrease in self confidence. A DUI conviction can cause employers and coworkers to look at a person differently. Knowing that others know about quite possibly the worst mistake of a person’s life can cause anxiety and embarrassment. Getting convicted of a DUI can also lead to issues with personal relationships. 
  3. Increased expenses. Dealing with a DUI can lead to increased insurance costs. Insurance companies will likely take into account factors that make a driver “high-risk,” including DUIs and other related motor vehicle offenses. Increased auto insurance rates can add up and become costly over time. 
  4. Less opportunity. Applying to schools, certain jobs, and scholarships could be extremely difficult, if not impossible with a DUI conviction. Many schools and programs with limited availability will look to factors such as criminal history when going through applications. Becoming a police officer, detective, pharmacist, doctor, nurse, or lawyer may not be possible with a DUI on one’s record. If your child wants to go into any of these fields, facing a DUI can make it more difficult or disqualify them altogether. A DUI conviction may exclude a person from an otherwise deserved scholarship or job. 
  5. Lack of trust. A DUI conviction can lead to a lack of trust from neighbors, friends, family, and other parents. Carpooling and playdates may become difficult for parents with a DUI. Family and friends may be wary to get in the car with someone who has a DUI. Again, this can cause a sense of self-consciousness and embarrassment.

Getting Help

Unfortunately, the consequences of a DUI conviction can be devastating and can have lasting results. Fines, court appearances, and interlock devices all disappear, but a DUI can follow a person around for life.

Luckily, there are things that you can do to minimize the issues that a loved one may experience after a DUI. First, make sure to show them your support. If they need help getting around because their license has been suspended or revoked, set up a carpool routine. Second, you may consider helping your loved one seek a Connecticut pardon. Getting a pardon will erase their criminal history and give them a fresh start. If your child was a minor when they faced their DUI charge, the crime may be expunged as part of their juvenile record. To learn more about your child’s options given their specific situation, contact our office.