Preventing and Dealing with School Bus Injuries

Accidents on school buses are rare but are still the cause of children accidents in the US. Talking to your children about safety while riding a school bus can help prevent any accidents in the future. Instead of waiting for an incident to happen, have the conversation now and periodically check in with your children to see if they are continuously practicing school bus safety.

Safety on School Buses

School buses transport dozens of children that can cause distractions to the driver. With countless kids screaming or yelling to one another, accidents are possible.

Kids should follow these rules to maintain a safe school bus environment:

  • Stay a good distance away from bus stops as the school bus approaches. These large vehicles have bigger blind spots than smaller cars which can be dangerous for younger children as they are waiting for the bus.
  • When the bus is moving, always sit in a seat. If you are standing, you could fall on top of another student and injure both them and you. It’s best to find a seat as soon as the driver begins to move.
  • Sit two people per seat. Bus seats are designed for two people to share a bench for safety precautions.
  • Seatbelts are not always offered on school buses, but if there is an option for your child to wear one, always wear it.
  • Listen and respect the bus driver. They have the best intentions for safety on the bus and can be distracted easily by children moving or talking too loudly.
  • Children should always follow the rules that their bus driver has outlined. Usually a list of rules are placed on the front of the bus for everyone to read and different buses can have different rules.

If An Accident Happens

There are a few things you should do if your child is involved in a school bus accident. Check on your child to make sure they are fine. Take them to a doctor whether you can see the injuries or not because there could be harm done that is not visible to you. Also, communicating with the school to figure out who might be at fault for the accident is an important component when dealing with this type of case. If a lawsuit is filed, questions about who’s fault it was will arise.

In the event of a lawsuit, contact a lawyer to help you with your case. Contact my office if you need to discuss these options in further detail. Call 203-208-3067 for additional information.