Driving Issues with Teens in Connecticut

Teenagers gain more freedom than ever when they obtain a driver’s license. With teenagers on the road, it can make it an unsafe place for others. Some can be reckless and careless drivers which can affect other drivers. Most common cases that deal with minors have a relation to motor vehicle violations.

Common Issues Among Teenage Drivers

  • Driving without a license
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving with passengers when legally unable to

Teenagers are not allowed to drive passengers during the first months or year after obtaining a license and if a police officer sees a young driver with a passenger, that is enough cause to pull over the car and check their license. If you are stopped because of violating passenger laws, it can lead to other problems. While the officer is speaking to the driver, they might smell alcohol or marijuana and have reason to search your car.

If the police finds anything leading to alcohol or drug charges, you not only violated a passenger law but now are facing a drug crime.

Teenagers in Possession of Drugs

There are two different charges that teenagers can face when dealing with drug possession: physical and constructive possession. Physical possession is when drugs were actually found. If drugs were found in your child’s possession, it is likely they will be the one charged for the crime. If these drugs were found on someone else in the same vehicle, your child won’t be charged with physical possession.

Constructive possession is trickier than the other charges. If an officer is looking to charge someone with constructive possession, you have to prove they knew about those drugs and had some sort of control over them. In order to be charged with constructive possession, your child doesn’t need to physically attain the drugs to be charged.

We Can Help

If your teen is pulled over, advise them to be respectful, but not to volunteer information to the police. Have them tell the officer that they want to speak to a lawyer before they do anything else. If your teen is charged with a motor vehicle violation or more, we can help. For our help, call 203-208-3067.